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"Imagine a school with children that can read or write, but teachers who

cannot, and you have a metaphor of the Information Age in which we live."

-Peter Cochrane

The Machine is Us/ing Us Video
What is Web 2.0? This visual presentation provides an explanation of Web 2.0This presentation received high rating and has been updated with this final version. "The video was created by me (Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University),


Why Web 2.0?

How Web 2.0 Technologies are Shaping Education

In the beginning, the Internet was mostly used to gain and access information posted by others, but the introduction of new web technologies have changed the way people interact and communicate on the Internet.

  • Web 1.0 was the Internet as a library where you went to look up information. Most content was one-way!
  • Web 2.0 is about collaboration, connecting and learning from each other. Information as conversation. Social interaction and participation is a feature of many new technologies.

Young people all around the world are using new technologies to link and connect with each other. The challenge for educators is to prepare them for their future!

Scott McLeod
I think it is becoming increasingly clear that our current system of education is going to go away. There are simply too many societal pressures and alternative paradigms for it to continue to exist in its current form.
The only question, then, is: How long are we going to thrash around before we die?
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